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Staff and School Contacts

To help prevent cyber security issues, ESM no longer provides staff directory information online. See below for ways to contact your child’s teacher(s). You can also call the school or department using the general phone numbers below for assistance. Feel free to leave a message outside of school hours. 

To contact your child’s teacher, you can:

Central High School 315-434-3300
Pine Grove Middle School 315-434-3050
East Syracuse Elementary 315-434-3850
Fremont Elementary 315-434-3480
Minoa Elementary 315-434-3420
Woodland Elementary 315-434-3440
Park Hill School (Pre-K) 315-434-3800

Staff can visit the ESM Intranet for directory info
Athletics 315-434-3301
Business Office 315-434-3004
Curriculum and Instruction 315-434-3005
Facilities 315-434-3001
Food Service 315-434-3304
Human Resources 315-434-3007
Registration 315-434-3011
Special Education 315-434-3009
Superintendent 315-434-3012
Technology 315-434-3008
Transportation 315-434-3460