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ESM School Reopening Plan 2021-22

Dear ESM Learning Community,
We are excited and looking forward to welcoming the return of all students in September!
Preparing for the reopening of schools for the 2021-22 school year with protocols and practices
for the health and safety of all remains our highest priority. Thanks again to the collaborative
efforts of our ESM students, teachers, parents, administrators, bargaining unit presidents, PTO
leaders, business partners and community partners we have revised our reopening plan focused
on student learning.
updated by a diverse group of more than 100 stakeholders who shared their time, expertise and
perspectives to update our plan with a focus on in-person learning while recognizing the need
for flexibility to address circumstances that may change in the weeks, months and year ahead. In
addition to the District Advisory Committee members and high school student leaders we also
extend our gratitude to the significant number of students, parents and staff members who
provided feedback and input throughout the 2020-21 school year. The stakeholder feedback
and input combined with the engagement of the District Advisory Committee contributed to the
updated action steps outlined in the preparation learning for our 2021-2022 ESM Reopening
A special welcome to our new and returning ESM families as we embark on the 2021-22 school
year. Thank you for your ongoing support as we plan for updated requirements and guidelines
this fall related to COVID-19. We continue to recognize the importance of being flexible,
adaptable and patient as the circumstances may change very quickly and require our need to
respond by revising our plans and actions. At ESM we strive for excellence by engaging student
minds and developing essential skills for all levels of learning. Our vision of being an “exemplary
21st century learning community whose graduates are prepared to excel in a complex,
interconnected, changing world” is clearly evident in our actions and priorities.
As a school community, we value student centered learning, with the development of knowledge
and skills that build capacity in critical thinking, complex problem solving, communication,
collaboration, creativity and innovation. These skills are integrated throughout our curriculum
and are essential for your child’s success in college, career and citizenship. Student
engagement, along with family involvement and support are essential to a child’s success in
learning and in life. Let’s celebrate learning for all in 2021-22!
We are ESM where Every Student Matters, Every Staff Member Matters, Every Single Family
Matters and we are PREPARED TO EXCEL ------ DARING TO DREAM!
With sincere gratitude,
Dr. Donna J. DeSiato, Superintendent