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ParentSquare Information for Families

What is ParentSquare? 
ESM uses ParentSquare as our communication platform with families in the district. All schools in ESM utilize ParentSquare to communicate with families on an ongoing basis through Posts, Messages, and Alerts. Families can access ParentSquare through the ParentSquare website as well as the ParentSquare app that can be downloaded on mobile devices.
What are some ParentSquare Features for Families?
Once families register for ParentSquare, they will see their child(ren)'s schools and classes. Families can view posts from the ESM Central School District as well as their child(ren)'s school(s) and classes. Families can also directly message their child(ren)'s teachers. Family members can go into their account settings and set up how they would like to receive notifications (email, text, and/or the app) as well as choose their preferred language for receiving post notifications.
ParentSquare Overview Videos for Families 

ParentSquare Overview for Families (English)

ParentSquare Overview for Families (Spanish)

Tour for Families