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ESM Students Earn Scholastic Art Awards

ESM students earned 19 awards at the 2021 CNY Scholastic Art Awards including 3 Gold Keys, 10 Silver Keys and 6 Honorable Mentions.  Gold Key pieces will go on to the national competition.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in fewer entries this year from throughout the 13 Central New York counties represented. Pieces were judged virtually. The CNY Scholastic Art Awards are sponsored by M&T Bank and hosted by Onondaga Community College. A virtual exhibit and awards ceremony are planned to celebrate student artists, teachers and area supporters. 

ESM had three students that earned Gold Key awards: Lindsey Burton in Painting; Connor Jacobs, Photography and Emma Jaquin, Drawing & Illustration.

Silver Key winners include Kailee Clark, Architecture & Industrial Design; Connor Jacobs, Photography; Emma Jaquin, Drawing & Illustration; Hannah Kowanes, Drawing & Illustration; Korey Lesko, Drawing & Illustration; Kylie Mapstone, Drawing & Illustration; Carly Sloan, Digital Art; Samantha Weigel, Drawing & Illustration and Ava Zelenz, two awards in Drawing & Illustration.

Honorable mention awards include: Amber Cardarelli, Drawing & Illustration; Connor Jacobs, Photography; Emma Jaquin, Drawing & Illustration; Lilia Pena, Architecture & Industrial Design; Jazmin Tyo, Painting and Samantha Weigel, Drawing & Illustration.

Story on CNY school district pieces:

Name Gr. Category Title Award Teacher
Lindsey Burton 12 Painting Breakfast Gold Key Cincotta, Matt
Amber Cardarelli 11 Drawing & Illustration Masked Honorable Mention Cincotta, Matt
Kailee Clark 10 Architecture & Industrial Design Building At Night Silver Key Bachta, Todd
Connor Jacobs 12 Photography Watch Gold Key Cincotta, Matt
Connor Jacobs  12 Photography Flourish Honorable Mention Cincotta, Matt
Connor Jacobs 12 Photography Wait Silver Key Cincotta, Matt
Emma Jaquin  10 Drawing & Illustration Sea turtle Gold Key Russo, Teresa
Emma Jaquin  10 Drawing & Illustration The leaning Tower Honorable Mention Russo, Teresa
Emma Jaquin  10 Drawing & Illustration Avah Silver Key Russo, Teresa
Hannah Kowanes 12 Drawing & Illustration Glitter Silver Key Cincotta, Matt
Korey Lesko 11 Drawing & Illustration Birb Silver Key Cincotta, Matt
Kylie Mapstone  10 Drawing & Illustration The Tiger Silver Key Russo, Teresa
Lilia Pena 10 Architecture & Industrial Design Fountain Park Honorable Mention Bachta, Todd
Carly Sloan  12 Digital Art Jahseh Silver Key Cincotta, Matt
Jazmin Tyo  11 Painting Times Square Honorable Mention Cincotta, Matt
Samantha Weigel  9 Drawing & Illustration Portrait of a Boy Honorable Mention Russo, Teresa
Samantha Weigel 9 Drawing & Illustration Feathered Era Silver Key Russo, Teresa
Ava Zelenz 10 Drawing & Illustration Hollow Silver Key Cincotta, Matt
Ava Zelenz 10 Drawing & Illustration Peril Silver Key Cincotta, Matt