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Strategic Plan

At ESM, we believe that our students’ learning, dignity, confidence and resilience are significant priorities. We recognize that it takes a collaborative community to successfully accomplish this.

The ESM Strategic Plan is our commitment and promise to our students in guiding our actions to achieve our intended goals and outcomes. The Strategic Plan acknowledges and builds on our past accomplishments, while continually looking to the future to achieve our vision of becoming “an exemplary 21st Century learning community whose graduates are prepared to excel in a complex, interconnected changing world.”

Throughout the 2017-18 school year, ESM engaged in a communitywide strategic planning process to explore and shape our future. Our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan intentionally builds on the strong foundation of the two preceding five-year plans.

ESM’s first Strategic Plan encompassing 2008-2013 proclaimed a clear vision for our staff, students and community and fostered an unrelenting focus on learning. The systemic implementation of the Strategic Plan cultivated a culture of sharing and collaboration for ESM, with a willingness to take risks and to innovate in better meeting the needs of our students. It launched us on a journey of transformational change that focused our thinking and efforts, and set us on a course with an exponential increase in student and staff success.

Our Strategic Plan was revisited and extended to span 2013-2018. This Strategic Plan inspired the development and implementation of innovative learning models. We strengthened our focus on inquiry-based learning and expanded trans-disciplinary learning through authentic problem-solving, and experiential learning. The integration of technology to support student learning catapulted us into a digital world and a global learning environment.

From start to present, a hallmark of the District’s Strategic Plan has been the forging and nurturing of partnerships with parents, families, community organizations businesses and higher education. As a result of these partnerships and the dedication of our ESM team, we have successfully developed “Career Pathways” and have continually increased the number of college-level, credit-bearing courses available to our high school students.

Seven of our high school’s career and technical education (CTE) programs have received New York State certification.
Pine Grove Middle School was redesigned and rebuilt into an innovative, award-winning learning space to align with our learning model for grades 6-8.

We joyously celebrate numerous recognitions of our students, staff and district, and professionally share our
innovations with educators throughout our region, state, country and world. The synergy of our students, staff and
community continues to open new opportunities for learning for our students.

Our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan builds on this strong foundation. The plan looks to the future of continued academic
achievement in a global, rapidly changing world, while sustaining our laser-like focus on developing the whole child to
prepare all students for lifelong success.

Connected with our priority on inquiry-based and trans-disciplinary learning for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12, ESM is part of the Empire State STEM Learning Network, a statewide, community-led collaborative with a mission to advance STEM education to prepare all students—regardless of their career goals—for college and career success, to fuel innovation and economic vitality in the Empire State.

The Empire State STEM Network is divided into hubs. ESM is in the CNY STEM Hub, which has a vision to design and incubate educational models of excellence empowering all PK-20 students to excel in a rapidly changing world. “STEM education” refers to the interdisciplinary teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, to a level of rigor sufficient to produce critical thinkers and problem solvers across all fields of endeavor who can thrive in the 21st century economy. Click here for a copy of “STEM @ ESM” outlining the District’s involvement in the Network.

If you would like more information or would like to be involved in our Strategic Plan, please contact N. Shane Hacker at or 315-434-3005.